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Wièse Diamond Ring Tote Bag

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Wièse's 4.86ct Diamond Ring, a Neo-Renaissance Legacy

This Late-Victorian Neo-Renaissance ring by Louis Wièse is a museum-quality marvel in Haute Joaillerie. Crafted in France from 18K yellow gold and platinum, the ring incorporates two putti, symbolic of love and innocence, adding layers of historical and emotional meaning. At its core lies a 4.86-carat old European cut diamond. 

Wièse's craftsmanship is renowned, even cited in multiple academic books on 19th-century jewellery. Authenticated by Wièse's signature and French hallmarks, this ring is a pinnacle of craftsmanship and a timeless heirloom, captivating collectors and destined for future generations to be amazed by its uniqueness.

This tote bag is made of 100% recycled cotton